I will simply have to ask for your forgiveness and understanding for not blogging yesterday.  It was a busy day filled with visiting friends and attending Tulip Time in Holland. 

The wedding of Jeremy & Jenna on Saturday night went well.  I learned some things about Michigan wedding traditions and shared a few southern ideas with them too.  Ross & Kathy and Tom & Shari were gracious host to Lisa and me and for that we are grateful. 

Sunday morning I had the privilege of preaching the two morning worship services at the Vriesland Reformed Church.  I had a great time being in that church as so many of those folks have gone with us on at least one trip to Guatemala.  An additional blessing was that a good number of folks from other churches came to those services too.  It was great to renew friendships – what sweet fellowship!  I want to thank Wayne Van Dam for the invitation.  I am also thankful to staff members, Eric Folkers and Scott Bale, for being so gracious to me and supportive of my being there.  The Friendship family and the Vriesland family seem to have a special connection because of GRACE Ministries and their student ministry (Vertigo) doing mission work on the coast last summer while staying in our CAB. 

Lisa and I joined the extended Mast family (along with Mr. & Mrs. Milford Compagner and Will & Elizabeth Compagner) for Sunday dinner at Tom & Shari’s home.  That was a delightful time of food & fellowship! 

Sunday evening provided Lisa and me the opportunity to attend two worship services.  First, we went to Bethel CRC in Zeeland to listen to the Living Hope singers from Holland Christian High School.  Those 32 students did a great job.  Two of them, Matt & Ross DeYoung, have joined us on several GRACE trips.  Another one, Kaitlyn Mast, will be going with us in the near future.  We enjoyed that service.

We then drove to Vriesland and attended their evening service.  Their children led us in musical worship and then Will Daniels preached on prayer.  It was good to worship with those folks during the evening hour. 

Enough for now – I will share more tomorrow about the rest of our trip.  I will also give an update on those who are physically sick within the Friendship family.  I do want to ask you to pray fervently for Mike Blaylock as he prepares for surgery this Monday, 5/14.   

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