Word came yesterday that the doctors told Neal Barnes that there were no more treatment options for his cancer.  Obviously, this news was not what the Barnes family wanted to hear but they are still trusting the Lord.  Pray for Neal and his family during this time. 

Mike Blaylock continues to do remarkably well in his recovery from surgery.  He is not experiencing much pain or some of the potential side effects they anticipated.  The doctors gave him a good report Wednesday night regarding the area where the liver was divided and removed.  Keep praying. 

Jay Black’s sister, Bre, was in the hospital yesterday giving birth to her twins but I didn’t hear the time of birth, weights, et cetera from Jay or Robin yet.  The Lord has blessed by allowing Bre to carry these babies long enough for them to develop physically.  Pray for Bre and the babies.

I had the privilege of meeting Mike Parker and David Manuel from Seymour, TN yesterday afternoon.  (Can anything good come out of Tennessee?)  Mike has a ministry called Clubhouse Ministries which is basically a block party in a trailer.  Churches looking to have an evangelistic outreach using inflatables, games, et cetera might want to take a look at Mike’s website –  It appears the Lord may orchestrate Clubhouse Ministries and GRACE Ministries partnering together to do ministry in Guatemala possibly as early as August.

I look forward to recognizing the Class of 2007 this Sunday.  I am going to post again later today or early tomorrow listing the known graduates within the Friendship family.

Speaking of graduates, we received an e-invitation from Rachel Mast in Canada as she is graduating high school this year.  She has been accepted to attend Moody Bible Institute next Fall.  Rachel is a sweetheart and I congratulate her on her graduation!  Of course, Rachel is the daughter of our missionary friends, Mark & Tina Mast.  (Actually, I think I am a former friend of Mark’s for the immediate future!)   

Daphne & Brad’s wedding shower is Sunday afternoon, we will baptize Sunday night, we will have a Wild Week meeting Sunday night, and there are still two openings for men on the July 3 – 10 GRACE trip.  Also, it is possible there could be one opening on the June 18 – 25 trip but that hasn’t been confirmed yet.  Contact Bro. Jerry about the June trip and me about the July trip, if interested.

It is off to Wal Mart and then back to cut grass at my in-laws as I try to get in that will.  Charles has told me if I keep cutting the grass every week this summer that he will put me in his will to get his boat! 

I pray you will have a great day with Jesus! 

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