The funeral arrangements for Mrs. Ruth Womack are as follows:  visitation tomorrow, 5/22, from 10:00AM until noon at the Mobile Memorial Gardens Funeral Home.  The service will begin at noon in the funeral home’s chapel. 

Scott Eckert’s grandfather, Jack Brown, passed away last Thursday and his service was held yesterday afternoon in Moss Point.  Please pray for that family. 

Carmen Reyer is having surgery today and Lois Kirschenman will have surgery tomorrow.  Mike Blaylock is recovering nicely from his surgery and hopes to go home from the hospital soon.  Neal Barnes is home.  He has gotten a motorized wheelchair but there is a need for a lift that can get him in and out of a vehicle.  If anyone knows where the family can purchase a good, used one then please call our church office. 

Ken Assink’s mother, Mrs. Ella Assink, continues to decline physically in her battle with cancer.  These are friends from Michigan and I appreciate your continued prayer support for them.

We had a good service yesterday morning as we recognized the Class of 2007.  Here is a list of the graduates we honored in that service: 

UNIVERSITY OF ALABAMA – Rebecca Bates, Rachel Crawley, & Ruth Hart

UNIVERSITY OF MOBILE – Steven Kelley & Pam Landry

UNIVERSITY OF SOUTH ALABAMA – Stephanie Guidry & Janiece Medrano

BRYANT HIGH SCHOOL – Adam Blackwell, Reed Hatcher, Brooke Hill, Bo Jones,           Rusty Suthoff, Mark Vice & Khari Williams

FAITH ACADEMY – Rick Bradley, Jr., Whitney Bryant, Johnny Ladnier


The team from 1st Baptist Lacombe, Louisiana is doing well.  Their leader is Pastor Byron Brown.  His wife, Liz, is three weeks away from her due date of giving birth to their second child.  Yesterday morning on the way to church in Lacombe, she was involved in an automobile accident.  She is having light contractions every ten minutes or so but they aren’t sure if that is because of her closeness to the due date or the accident.  So, please pray for this situation. 

I pray that you will have a great day in the Lord!


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