WEDNESDAY, 9/25/13

Shawn Burwell made a remarkable recovery yesterday morning.  When I went in with Nikki at 9;30AM, he was awake, alert, talking and doing good.  Talked to Nikki last night via the phone and, while he remains in CCU, he is doing good.  Thanks for praying!

Visited Miss Arlene Crawley yesterday morning.  She had a triple bypass and the doctor repaired a valve.  She is doing good but also remains in a unit.

Brenda Timberlake’s mother, Miss Joyce, remains hospitalized and is not doing so well.

Janice & Juanita’s mother, Miss Mazie, did not have surgery yesterday but “may” have it today.  The surgery will be on her ankle but they are battling an infection before doing the procedure.  She was in good spirits.

Heard last night that Baby Bailey in Alaska has taken a turn for the worse as there is a problem with her lungs.  Leslie W – give us an update, please.

The Finance Committee has a proposed budget ready.  Copies will be distributed this Sunday morning, 9/29, following the morning services.  A meeting to discuss, amend, et cetera the budget will take place at 4:00PM in the auditorium.  A vote, with no more discussion, will take place during the evening service hour.

Deacons, your meeting will take place this Sunday, 9/29, at 5:00PM in my office.

Regular schedule today/tonight.  Special meal for the 7:30PM Bible study group – it is going to be great!

I pray that you will have a great Wednesday with Jesus.

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  • Leslie Williams says:

    As I understand it, there is a problem with pressure in her lungs which could require surgery at some point. Right now they are weaning her from oxygen, but the process is very gradual and will require she remain in the hospital for an undetermined length of time. Your prayers are greatly appreciated.

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