FRIDAY, 10/23/09

Well, maybe it was the “first & last” thrift store fashion show that took place last night.  Oh my!  I will simply leave it in the “you had to have been there” category! 

Today is a big day in the world for the extended Turrentine family as Josh & Tracy Turrentine will welcome a set of twins into their family!  Two more Turrentines will be on the scene!  Tracy is scheduled to undergo a section at noon today in Northport, AL.  (I think they should just move the procedure over to BDS!)  The boy & girl are both in the seven pound range weight wise.  Pray for Tracy! 

I have to give props to my niece, Jamie.  She knows the details! 

Miss Vivian had basically a “same type” of day.  She could not stay off of the respirator for long at all.  Miss Jean Jackson (Teddy Ray’s mother) remains hospitalized but will probably go home today or tomorrow and have out patient treatment next week.  Miss Kathleen Henderson remains in the hospital.  They tried to put a device in to “catch” a blood clot but were not successful in that procedure.  Mitchel Fox has a broken jaw and spent some time in the hospital but is recovering at home now.  Miss Doris Waltman (Martha Pierre’s mother) remains in the hospital.  Pray for these folks!

Jamie, Jessica, & Chelsea led FA to a victory yesterday afternoon and they now advance to the Elite Eight in Pelham next week.  I have looked at the bracket and, in my opinion, they are in better shape than St. Paul’s.  Congratulations girls!

The president in Venezuela is ordering folks to limit their showers to a maximum of three minutes!  (This household would be in trouble!) 

A pastor and his church in North Carolina will hold a Bible burning ceremony on 10/31.  They will burn Bibles and books by far out writers like Billy Graham.  (I am not making this up)  Wow! 

I pray that you will have a great weekend with Jesus. 

P.S. – I plan on adding a post later this morning.  It will be interesting!

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  • T. Garrett Wright says:

    Brother Teddie,
    The teaser has caught me; I can’t seem to think about work and find myself going back to http://www.friendshipfamily.net to be one of the first to catch the late morning edition of the blog. Between your blog and the Fox morning “info-tainment” I don’t see how I will get anything done.

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