FRIDAY, 2/15/08

Yesterday afternoon was a bit crazy for me.  I came home from making hospital visits and had a voice mail on my e-mail.  The voice mail was from a couple from Michigan.  Long story short, they were supposed to be at O’Hare this morning to travel to Guatemala but got stuck in Cancun, Mexico and couldn’t make the flight.  After a lot of praying and phone calls, they have been rescheduled for this Sunday’s flight.  Thank God for taking care of this situation.

In the midst of that situation, my only sister called me to say that my younger brother, Freddie, had been involved in an accident.  He is a police officer and we didn’t know how serious his injury was or what type of accident he had been in.  Long story short, he was responding to a 911 call where a woman was threatening suicide.  She had a gun and somehow Freddie fell and suffered a severly broken wrist.  The pain medication caused him to have flashbacks to his time in Iraq and they are trying to determine this morning when they will do surgery.  The standoff between the woman and the officers lasted for about four hours.  They finally hit her with a taser gun and subdued her.  This took place in St. Clair County which leads me to believe she was probably kin to (that means related – trying to help my Yankee friends understand the lingo)  Kevin and/or Kathy Wadkins since that is their old stomping grounds!

We left at 6:40AM this morning heading for another GRACE Ministries mission trip.  This team will consist of 43 folks as Caroline Ford had to cancel at the last minute.  We were surprised in Houston when Bernard Cohen joined us for our flight.  He is going to spend a week in Panimaquin.  Kim French is on this trip which means I need much prayer this week!

Reace Chandler, 2, is having some tests done this morning and I understand Carla Kyser is having blood work done today.  Vaughn Womack may go home this weekend.  Dominique Wilcox is doing well.  Sharon Jardee was hoping to go home today but had an elevated temperature yesterday afternoon.   I think Travis McDonald was going to be sent to a convalescent facility. 

Pray for us.  We are boarding now.  Check the GRACE blog beginning later today or in the morning. 

I hope you will have a great Friday with Jesus. 

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  • miriam mast says:

    Hey Teddy
    I hope you are having a good time in Guatemala. Did you have Chicken tonight? When we were in Chicago for founders week we found a Polo Compero. Say Hi to everyone that I know on the trip and that I love them. I got my permit yesterday and I got to drive to and from school today with my dad. You should come and visit us up here soon. I miss you and love you.
    love miriam

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