TUESDAY, 9/22/09

It is a little after 4:00AM and I am about to head to the hospital to pray with Billy Smith before his knee replacement surgery.  Miss Vivian Ladnier is “scheduled” to have the stent placed in her esophagus at 12:30PM today but they procedure may be delayed again.  Carla Kyser had her first radiation treatment yesterday.  Whitney Bryant took her radioactive pill yesterday and she can’t be around folks until tomorrow.  Miss Joyce Bosarge continues to take her radiation treatments.  Lois Kirschenman continues to recover at home from her surgery.  Angie Kitchen, owner of Savannah’s Florist, is in ICU in one of the local hospitals with pneumonia.  Pray for all of these folks.

Ruby Foster is a charter member of our church and she is seemingly near passing from this life.  Lisa & I visited her last night and she is in a comatose  state.  Pray for her!

Mark Vice got into a fight with a waverunner and a wave this past Friday in Missouri.  The waverunner and wave won to the tune of 26 stitches in two places on Mark’s head plus a fractured nose.  I think he sees his doctor in New Orleans this Friday. 

I need to meet with our deacons at 6:30PM tomorrow night, 9/23.  We will meet in my office. 

We received another $720 toward our pastors’ conference scholarships this past Sunday.  Thank you to all who have given thus far, to those who will give, and to those who are praying!

I pray that you will have a great Tuesday with Jesus.

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  • Laurie Chandler says:

    Made it to Michigan safe and sound. (I am still a Robertson-Chandler though!)Boy is it dreary up here… I sure do miss and love my good ole southern home. Thanks for the prayers for safe travel…it rained 75% of the way up here. We will be traveling back on Friday or Saturday. Michigan funerals are 3 days long. Give everybody a hug for me…LOL.

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